Monday, October 17, 2011

Reach down and Reach out!

Is it Monday already?

Wow, this is the problem with a building a business in Network Marketing! You are your own boss and you are accountable to mainly yourself. You can get so busy with life and busy work that you don’t do the things you need to build a successful business. Time has flown by since I first blogged on Saturday, but it has been adventurous to say the least.  Being the weekend, we rested from our labors, and accepted an invite to overnight with friends on their 56 foot boat.  Instead we we spent Saturday evening stuck on a sand bar in the middle of the intercostal. Our friend was so embarrased! What started out as a casual evening cooking steaks and camping out on a small island (on the boat) turned out way different. Thankfully the boat was way to big to get us in a life threatening situation. We were all patient though and ended up cooking steaks and having a good laugh about our evening back at our friends beach house way later that night. What I learned from this was the patient part. We sat out there with no power for over three hours until we were released from that sand bar. Sometimes we set out with the perfect plan and things go arwy, like they do in our business. I see it all the time. We set our goals and if things don’t go as planned — we bail. Usually too soon. We couldnt bail or we would have drowned. There was no use complaining, blaming the boat, the sand bar or our friends. That would have been wasted energy. Instead wisdom taught us that with a little help from a tow boat and nature, the tide would rise and we would move forward again.

We all will go through times where we feel stuck in life and in our businesses. If you are in the right vehicle and you are committed to it (we trusted the boat wouldn’t capsize), you need to be patient and do the things that need to be done to get un stuck.

What do I do when I get stuck? I go find some new people that will give me the outside energy needed to get me moving forward again. Today is October 17th and my outside energy is my team memeers who are motivated to reach their goals this month and beyond. Reach down and Reach out, and do the things required to move forward and you will “eat steak”!

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