Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blame the Winner

I year ago, close to this same time of year - I was waiting in the airport to head back home from the Breeders Cup in Louisville Kentucky. I began reading about the story of Zenyatta’s most anticipated race to date which I had just witnessed the day before.

The day of the big race, there were posters and t-shirts and hats and pins with the Zenyatta name sparkling across them. Little girls wore her signature pink and white attire and carried stuffed horses under there arms. The racetrack was a buzz about her.

The 5 Million Dollar Breeders Cup Classic Race race would have taken her down into history as the first American horse to win 20 races in a row.

Undefeated. The perfect way to retire. Zenyatta has been incredible for the racing world! An inspiration to so many in such a time of uncertainty. A story of hope, faith, belief and of Girl Power!

In the final moments as we held our breath at the finish line- she had missed it by a nose! One more stride and she would have won it. The crowd stood in silence for what seemed like forever. It was like one of those feel good movies, but it didn’t end in the predictable way.

As the winner, Blame, took it’s victory walk back to the winners circle - but nobody cheered. The jockey for Blame, Garrett Gomez appealed for support for Blame - but nothing. How bad would you feel? A history making opportunity stolen, by a horse named Blame. How appropriate.

What would you do? Would you retire at this point? I know I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t want to finish on a loss. If Zenyatta would have won she would have retired and gone down as one of the greats, however I believe that because she lost we, will see her again, and again.

Mark my words, she will do way more than we ever believed for years to come. She will continue to inspire as she has and will remain a favorite in the hearts and minds of millions of fans around the world.

What can you learn from this story? I believe these things happen for a reason. If you can have the attitude of gratitude and accept the things you can’t control, but learn from them - there is always a silver lining.

I have hovered at the same level in my business for over a year now. I will make one step forward and slip two steps back. I will bring on some new excited team members who are jazzed and reaching their goals, but one or two of my veterans will get busy with life or get discouraged and decide not to work the business.

Everyone has a right to how they feel. They also are the CEO ‘s of their own business and make their own decisions if they will work their business or not. I cannot control how they feel or make them do something they don’t want to do. That is one of the reasons I love this kind of business. I am my own boss.

I don’t need to do this business. I could easily decide to spend my time with non-profits and/or volunteering at my kids school. I could go for lunches with girlfriends, shop for pleasure and really work on my golf game, maybe get my handi-cap down to a 15.

All very respectable. However, I’m personally not ready for that yet. I truly believe, I haven’t hit my goal because I have more people to help get to their goals first.

It’s more fulfilling for me to reach a goal when I can bring people with me. That is why I love this industry. It’s a perfect fit for me. I wake up in the morning excited about life and what I do.

Once I reach my goal, I won’t stop there. I have already thought about the new doors that will be opened when I finally reach it. It will be as sweet, in fact probably sweeter, because I worked hard for it and I got to meet some awesome new people whom I may have not met otherwise.

I know that I need to stay in the game for my own sanity - to keep sharp, excited, motivated and interesting!

Finally, I want to be an inspiration to my kids. I’m a mom first but I am also building a business that they will inherit one day. Something I can leave that is from me. More importantly, a business that they will want to be a part of with me.

Commitment, loyalty and a burning desire to reach a goal. These are the things that keep my feet to the fire. What is keeping your feet to the fire?


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