Monday, October 17, 2011

Blogging my Way through Network Marketing

Welcome! I am starting what I hope will be an inspiring and informative blog for the Brand New or the Experienced Networker! I have been in the Network Marketing/Direct Sales Industry for 20 years now and as I look back on my career, its hard to beleive Ive been at it for that long- or that I can even call it a career! I have had amazing success in the long haul, but my first experiences in the industry turned out to be a big failure. Luckily rather than giving up (I almost did) I decided to label it as my Harvard Education in Network Marketing and I was able to move on with the right tools to evaluate the industry and find the right vehicle to put my time into. Over the coming days, weeks, months and maybe even years to come — I hope to share insights into the real life of someone who does what we do for a living (a real good one!) I promise to share openly and honestly what it takes to build a business of your own so you can experience the income, time-freedom, flexiblity and sense of accomlishment that I have come to realize.
I promise to be as consistant as possible with a goal to blog as much as I feel like it.   I have set up all the tools to help make that possible such as twitter, and facebook. As you will learn along the way, I have a very balanced life. So with that I, encourage you to have an awesome weekend. I don’t work weekends as a rule - so Im off to the beach with my family. Enjoy

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